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Upgrading from older version:

- Navigate to c:\ClearViewRC and rename clearview folder to clearviewXXX where XXX is the old version number.
- Uninstall ClearView using Windows Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs in XP).
- Download and install the latest version of ClearView.
- Start ClearView, the program will remain activated. You can also use the old version, by clicking on clearview.cmd in clearviewXXX folder.

Adding third party ClearView models:

- Download the model and extract it in known folder. Copy the model folder under c:\ClearViewRC\clearview\models and restart ClearView.

Adding third party ClearView landscapes:

- Download the landscape and extract it in known folder. Copy the landscape folder under c:\ClearViewRC\clearview\landscapes and restart ClearView.

Please make sure that you set up and calibrate your controller before attempting to fly.

Version History:

ClearView RC ver. 5.30 - The weather (wind) system was reworked from ground up. Now ClearView has probably the most realistic weather system in any RC simulator.

ClearView RC ver. 5.29 - NetPlay optimized to work better for slower Internet connections.

ClearView RC ver. 5.28 - 2 new planes added: - A6M Zero and B-25 Mitchell. NetPlay feature added - broadcast or replay flights online.

ClearView RC ver. 5.27 - New feature added: - Update To Latest Content. With that new feature, you can update to the latest content before we release it with the next version!

ClearView RC ver. 5.26 - New feature added: - Network update. Upgrade to the next version directly from ClearView. Network multiplayer revised and improved. Record/Replay improved to record/replay cars and model crashes. T-33 Shooting Star and GeeBee R3 Fantasy Racer added. Now ClearView offers 101 stock models!

ClearView RC ver. 5.25 - P-40 Warhawk and BF-109 Messerschmitt added.

ClearView RC ver. 5.24 - BVM King Cat added - turbine trainer from BVM that goes up to 200 MPH.

ClearView RC ver. 5.22 - Wind sock added to Tangamanga SLP field. Two new models added - F4U Corsair and TRex 700 HQ. These are probably the best models in any simulator. Expertly designed and tuned by Ken they are true masterpieces. From now on, we will designate some very high quality models with HQ letters at the end of the model name. That means, the model is very high quality and will require strong computer and video card to operate properly. Please note that HQ models may take longer time to load due to high level of detail and complexity.

ClearView RC ver. 5.21 - Flex gear and rotating wheel added to all planes. All planes parameters reviewed and tunned up if needed. Many thanks to Ken for his effort on adding retracts and wheels on the planes.

ClearView RC ver. 5.20 - Pilot View (FPV) added (works for 3d landscapes like Osage Park Track 1, 2 and 3). Flex gear and rotating wheel added to Edge 540 25 Percent, Edge 540 33 Percent, Edge 540 25 Elelctric, Enforcer, F 15 Eagle, F16, F16 Tunderbird, Funtana 40, Lazybee, Pitts Special, Seaduck, Shockflier, Sky Cutter and Sportster.

ClearView RC ver. 5.19 - Added another quality model from Ken: - A10 Warthog scale model with working canopy, pilot, gear and flaps. Flex gear and rotating wheel added to Agri Duck, Basic Trainer, Beaver, Bellanka Decathlon 480 and Delta.

ClearView RC ver. 5.18 - 4 new models designed by Ken Northup added: Mini Titan (Tunder Tiger), TRex 450 Pro (Align), Spitfire and P-51 Mustang scale models with working gear and flaps. Code changes to gear and flaps code for better handling turning them on/off of different controllers.

ClearView RC ver. 5.17 - All helicopter models flight parameters tunned up.

ClearView RC ver. 5.10 - Added RC car simulation, 6 RC cars and 3 race tracks. Now ClearView is the only simulator that provides rc planes, rc helicopters and rc cars simulation.

ClearView RC ver. 5.09 - Rotating wheels and flexible gear added on selected models. Added enhanced spinning propellers or heli rotors animation.

ClearView RC ver. 5.04 - Tail control improved on some 450 size heli models, rudder tunned up of all coax models, new gyro software (on selected models), number of minor fixes.

ClearView RC ver. 5.02 - Number of small issues fixed and some models tuned to reflect customers feedback.

ClearView RC ver. 5.01 - New generation flight physics engine for super realistic RC flight simulation, ground handling and crashes.

ClearView RC ver. 4.98 - Number of internal enhancements. Warning dialog added for select/reset model start position.

ClearView RC ver. 4.97 - GWS Stearman Floats added. Added support for FSOne USB transmitter - once selected, the proper settings will be loaded automatically. Environmental reflection added to all models.

ClearView RC ver. 4.96 - GWS Stearman biplane added. New camera mode - Ground in View that keeps the ground in view almost all the time by zooming out if needed.

ClearView RC ver. 4.95 - All models upgraded to breakable parts. AT-6 Harvard and Beaver plane models added. All known bugs fixed.

ClearView RC ver. 4.93 - New planes added: Tensor 4D and Tribute 3D ( Thanks to Luke for creating these 3d models! ) New landscape Island Fliers added. This is Ken's flying field and big thanks to Ken for providing it.

ClearView RC ver. 4.92 - Five new models added. New helicopters: Blade 400 3d and TRex 500. New planes: Bellanka Decathlon 480, Magister Electric and Seawind EP.

ClearView RC ver. 4.91 - All helicopters upgraded to breakable parts. All known bugs from 4.89 are fixed. Honey Bee King II added.

ClearView RC ver. 4.90 - Number of helicopter models upgraded with breakable parts (Thanks, Ken!) - AH-64, Airwolf, Axe CP, Bell 47, Bell 47 Floats, Blade CP Pro, Falcon 3D, Honey Bee FP, Trex 450, TRex 450 Easy and Twister CoastGuard. All known bugs from 4.89 are fixed.

ClearView RC ver. 4.89 - New playground section that contains landscapes with interactive objects and models with breakable parts. 3 new electric heli models - Axe CP, Falcon 3D and Twister Coast Guard. Raptor 60 and Raptor 60 Easy are with the new physics engine and with breakable parts.

ClearView RC ver. 4.85 - Two new float planes added - PBY Catalina and NorthStar. The models are designed by Ken Northup. Better auto pilot default settings. Vista scenery and model import problem fixed.

ClearView RC ver. 4.84 - Heli model changes by adding new flybar simulation. No other changes.

ClearView RC ver. 4.83 - number of internal fixes for better model rendering.

ClearView RC ver. 4.82 - Special Vista release! Will install and run under limited user account in Windows Vista and Windows XP. Support added for Dynam 6 ch. USB dummy Tx and for GWS USB dummy Tx. Close up camera window added.

ClearView RC ver. 4.79 - Two new gym sceneries added. Edge 25% elevator expo changed.

ClearView RC ver. 4.77 - The helicopters flight model is updated with new advanced head dynamics simulation. The changes are 100% backwards compatible with all third party models.

ClearView RC ver. 4.76 - some code re-calibration for better flat spin and stall handling for planes.

ClearView RC ver. 4.75 - Number of bug fixes and internal improvements. The flight model for planes was refined and improved. The record file format have changed and now is the same as flight path format (files are still kept in different forlders). Also, there is TCP/IP interface to ClearView for UAV developers that will be posted on the site.

ClearView RC ver. 4.74 - New Auto Pilot training mode for helicopters and planes with pre-defined training profiles. Improved smoke and smoke effects. Add up to 10 smoke devices on a model. Adjustable smoke parameters. Wind improved to affect the smoke particles. Improved engine/blade disk power management physics. Now you can bog down the engine and simulate underpowered or overpowered models. Stalled blades sound added for over aggressive pitch changes or too much cyclic. The camera follow fixed in the Internet multi play. Number of small bug fixes/improvements.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.73 - Bug in running imported FMS models fixed. Bug that prevented running all vertical takeoff and landing - VTOL models fixed.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.72 - Water support added. In Controller setup, the unwanted control reset problem fixed. Remember model position function added. Use keyboard "i" to set start position, direction and speed. Saves separate position for helis and planes. Pressing 'd' reset to landscape default start position.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.71 - New Ken Northup models added: Bell 222 and Airwolf; Hughes 300 and Hudges 300 floats had a face lift. Added automatic control assignment for the following controllers: E-Sky USB control box, Mystery USB cable ($15 from E-Bay), Simblaster USB cable, Real Flight G2/G3 Interlink controller. Better calibration and some bugs fixed. New servo select and show movement screen. System Info display added.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.70 - The simulator was ported to new high performance graphics library. Full screen, new smoke system, clear sceneries, faster loading times, better performance on notebooks. Ken Northup contributed some of his best models to the standard ClearView distribution. Now ClearView comes with 65 rc models standard! The bar have been raised once again. This is a must have version. <

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.65 - Major upgrade in the flight physics model for helicopters and some refinements for planes. New "Always Close" camera option that keeps close track of the model. Don't miss this upgrade!The new Yak (from 4.64) is awesome, see the Yak 54 video

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.64 - New fixed pitch electric helicopter added - Honey Bee Fixed Pitch. Now ClearView provides one of the most complete line of small electric helicopters, starting from coaxial rotors, small fixed and collective pitch helicopters in Blade CP class and up to TRex 450 for advanced flying. If you fly planes, we have news for you: We added a brand new 32% Yak 54 and have one word for it: awesome! Don't miss this plane, it is one of the best planes ever! See this Yak 54 video .

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.63 - The internal model format was changed. The moving surfaces are represented without using groups by simple naming convention combined with special 3d object that defines the rotational axes for each moving surface, prop or helicopter rotor. The internal model format presentation for planes and helicopters is now the same. Multi rotor helicopters like CH-47 Chinook are now supported. Please look at Raptor 60 and Edge 33% as reference implementation for the new format. Just open for these models and see how the moving parts are organized.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.60 - Plane flat spins physics improved. Edge 25% and Edge 33% now do flat spins quite nicely. Heli physics improved in calculating the total drag. Blade CP, Blade CP Pro, TRex 450XL and Raptors 60 and 90 settings improved. Keyboard key "c" now switch the camera to the next model - use to follow models in net multi play or when replaying flight patterns.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.59 - New lift/drag tables for Edge 33%. Changed flight parameter files for Edge 25%, Edge 33% and Shockflier to make the planes easier to hover. Fixed a bug in expo parameters in easy setup.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.58 - Record flights as "flight patterns". Then replay the flight patterns and fly together with many different modes at the same time. Network multi play improved by adding intelligent buffering.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.56 - some default settings changed.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.56 - New flying field - Osage Park. Must see, probably the best park flying field in California. New demo - flying F15 Hornet. For multi-play over the Internet, see this page for details.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.55 - Heli smoke at idle improved.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.54 - Redesigned load dialogs to display images of the models and the flying fields.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.53 - Identifies when the video driver needs update. Fixed the spatial sound information for the multi-play mode.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.52 - Fly together with a friend half a world away - ClearView goes Multi-Player ! See this page for detais. Better ground handling for helicopters and some flight model improvements.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.50 - Shadow rendering improvement for ever faster frame rate ! Makes ClearView the fastest FPS simulator for PhotoFields.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.49 - Improved the ground handling for all small electric helicopters. If you are beginner and need better ground handling simulation, get this version.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.48 - Blade CX twin rotor helicopter added. Better material settings for all plane models. Configurable landscape sun position. Refine flight model that improve the CG and stall characteristic for all third party planes.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.46 - New default settings. Radio tx rudder stick not moving for helis now fixed.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.45 - Training settings with "Magic Time Scaler" where you can slow down the time when learning. Raptor 60 and TRex XL now with the new heading hold gyro. Fixed a bug in displaying the servo selection for the current model.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.44 - Added Blade CP Pro with brusheless setup and heading hold gyro. Rate gyro support added. Blade CP from v. 4.42 is now with rate gyro and flies very close to the real one.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.43 - Select model servos from more than 10 models. See how different servo parameters affect the model performance. Added selectable simulation engine settings for better performance on systems that had slow frame rate with some high detail - high poly models like XRB Lamma.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.42 - Blade CP is added as one of the standard models.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.41 - Vaca Valley RC. New collision detection engine. Advanced ground handling detects different surface types. Refined helicopter flight model. Advanced main rotor simulation added. Better take off and ground effect simulation

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.39 - Keyboard support added. New "Radio Tx" display shows the sticks movements.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.38 - Some ground handling improvements for planes. Livermore RC Field was rebuild with a new sky.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.37 - Support for Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.36 - New load dialogs for models and landscapes (in registered version). Advanced setup parameters now sorted by name. Some flight model refinements.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.35 - New collision detection engine. Ability to design shadow 3d objects for panoramic photo fields using ac3d from All fields now have full collision maps.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.34 - New "Easy" models for Raptor 60 and TRex included. These models are better suited for learning the basics and provide better stability and are much easier to fly.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.31 - Calibrate controller improved, support for Intel Integrated video included

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.30 - 5 zoom camera modes added, T-Rex parameters changed to tame it a little.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.29 - Improved plane flight model in stall conditions. Edge 25% and Aileron Trainer are using the new flight model, all older models are backward compatible and will fly the same. From now on new models will use the new flight model.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.28 - Hi-res sceneries, best in class resolution. Dynamic and AI camera mode. Import scenery enabled in demo mode ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.27 - USB controller setup problem fixed. The problem was, if the USB controller is first on the list in the Controllers drop down box, the controller will not work unless the controller is selected or "Accept" button is clicked.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.26 - New twin rotor XRBLamma included with the kind permission of nemo_uk (RCGroups). Plane ground handling improved . Plane taxing and high speed taxing improved. Plane flight simulation revised with improved stall handling, slow speed control , better high speed aileron control.
- Flat spins, snaps, stalls - much better now.
- All standard planes parameters are slightly revised to adjust for the new flight model.
- Fixed a problem for some (very few) USB controllers with short name (less than 3 characters).

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.25 - Changes to 19200 com port settings - Calibration improvements ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.24 - Flight Recoder added - pecord, replay and exchange flights - Calibration improved for PIC Serial cables - Helicopter sound improved (the tail rotor load changes the sound) - Helicopter flight params improved (lower drag coeficient)ClearView RC Flight Simulator 4.22 - New model added - T-Rex 450XL electric- Import .x models - better color conversion for the imported model - Better prop disk transparency.